... Brand Ideology
... Brand Ideology
                      " It's my pleasure to welcome You
                                                         into my little creative fairy tale ... 
            My name is Valeria Carlo 
            and I am the person behind the art concept of this brand.
I built it as one complete and well-thought philosophy, reflecting my individual vision for harmonial aesthetic, for the bright trends of the day and for the already established principles in fashion ... 
  • In my collections I work with the so called emerging trends - new appearances in the fashion field, that are not yet popular and have not yet become a true trend. Some of them never turn into mass' favourite and maintain their status of an avant-garde ideas, while others keep on gaining more fame year after year. Transfiguring this kind of trends into a relatively commercial product of a high class is actualy the fundamental concept of the brand Valeria Carlo. The otfits I present are unconventional, targeted at those who are blessed with the talent to rule fashion, those who we define as "trendsetters'.
  • The Bold identity of the brand VALERIA CARLO incorporates my signature sense for provocation, confidence and style, based on comprehensive theoretical cognition of fashion history; of profound analysis over the individual notions of the well-known designers; and of the newly perceived approaches of the contemporary talents, leading us to an evolutionary era where fashion embraces high technoligy in an unexpected manner.
  • First steps in fashion I took long time back in 2004, when I entered the bachelor degree program in fashion design at Istituto Marangoni, Milano, known as one of the most prestigious educational centers regarding this type of courses. There I learned the basics of the various aspects of craftsmanship and there I got a clearer vision about my further professional path. Design, in its nature, is actually the process of building a specific harmony of shapes, colours and textures, creating an overall atmosphere that reflects the idea of the artist. Each of the upmentioned elements (shape, colour, texture) requires profound knowlage and profiled quaification - taking under consideration numerous aspects give me the ability to be successfuly accurate in the working process. My approach is always analytical and focused on the way separate elements combine meaningfully into an eventual creation of perfect balance. The silhouettes I build are always planned as beautiful compositions of pattern cuts and volumes, smartly preserving the real functionality of the clothing. At the end, the decorative embelishments only enrich the already developed design and follow the main lines invariably. Selection of fabrics, at first, I base on composition and its qualities - according to comfort and freedom of movement materials would provide, while textures have to upgrade the creative idea. Very important to me, and emblematic in the collections, are the strong colour palettes, built of themed correlated nuances. Notably perception of colour is not an absolut value - it is affected of texture, of solidity, of the surrounding hues. Science about colour and its features has always been of great interest for me, the corelation between strong and subtle tones, between accent and neutral hues and how to balance all of them into avant-garde outfits or into classic styles is actually at the basis of all my projects.



Design is an expression of personality, creating and establishing subjective definitions of beauty, turning them into trends, ushering them into our surrounding reality and gives us the opportunity to choose an unique point of view in terms of individuality and style ...